Bathroom overhaul

We’ve had a bathroom for a long time now and it’s long overdue a massive overhaul with a toilet that is completely out of date that needs replacing, the same goes with the shower area. The only thing we plan on keeping is the bath tub since we purchased that last year and it looks great.

Not only that, but we will need to start thinking about redecorating the whole room. The current color just doesn’t sit right with me, it’s a pastel green and it just doesn’t look homely at all. So, if I have my way, we will be doing something similar to the kitchen by painting the walls, or tiling, in a lighter, more inviting color.

The painting and tiling will obviously need to be done before we purchase the new toilets and shower heads etc to ensure all areas of the wall are easy to reach and we don’t miss any patches.

We will need to look at several of the top rated toilets in the industry and check for ones that fit our requirements of low water consumption along with great self clean features such as a powerful rim wash. have compiled a list of the best toilets which may help in that regard.

As we have a fairly large bathroom. we’re looking at a walk in shower with much more space than your average. And because of the extra space, we will be wanting larger rain shower heads that are much more effective than the old style we used that look like they are from the 1970’s!

The wife suggested fitting a rug on the floor afterwards, and whilst I see where she’s coming from, a warm floor after stepping out of the bath tub is nice, I instead suggested why not look into getting some kind of under floor heating system fitted. I really like that idea.

Whatever we end up with, it’s not going to be finished any time soon as the amount of ideas we’re coming up with is making it difficult to settle on a final design and color theme for the room. Updates on this to come shortly.