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Lawn care time

After trimming back those pesky trees in the back yard, we’re looking to get our lawn back in top shape. In its current state it’s rather patchy and somewhat discolored which is a shame, as when we first moved here, we found the greenery in the garden was one of the things that helped us to decide on buying the house in the first place.

Anyway, we’ve been stocking up on grass seeds in recent weeks along with a new mower and other lawn care products to feed the grass and help it grow quicker. A week ago today we planted the seeds and the waiting game began.

We’re not expecting anything major this early on, but seven days in you can see some very small shoots coming through the soil. Time will tell how effectively we planted them in around thirty days time, which is currently the suggested wait for growth.

I’m really looking forward to the results. Hopefully in a month or so, we will have one of the greenest gardens in the neighborhood once more.

Trimming back the trees with a pole saw

Well, an additional project came in on Wednesday that related to maintaining the yard and trimming hedges and trees on an associates property. I thought why not? I may not be experienced working in the garden, but how hard can it be?

Upon arriving, I immediately saw how much work was needing to be done. The amount of overhangs and overgrown plants and shrubbery was astounding. I’ve never seen anything like it, and that’s coming from someone who happens to have one of the messiest back yards in the history of mankind!

Nevertheless, I got started this Tuesday managing the basics, trimming and pruning back the various bushes, which was fairly straight forward. The most difficult part of the job was certainly going to be finding an effective way to trim the trees down as they were causing quite an obstruction to sunlight and the view / scenery in general. It certainly had the potential to become a fantastic looking garden, and I felt pruning these trees would be a step in the right direction.

So, I began looking online at various garden tools that could be used and finally settled on a pole saw. While not particularly as powerful as some cutting machines, it would eliminate several dangers such as the need for being up a ladder or climbing.

I settled on the Husqvarna 128ldx with the help of a fantastic website called, a site that has some of the best pole saw reviews and guides that helped me make my decision as well as save money. The set up and assembly was easy and the convenience and reach was fantastic. The cut could of been a tad better, but on the whole, a gas powered pole saw seems to be the way forward. It made the thicker branches look like twigs and helped me get to those otherwise difficult to reach areas.

Definitely a wise investment on my part, but the project is still a way from finishing up. We still need to lay some new grass down, build a nice little wooden patio, and also paint the fences. But it’s taking shape, that’s the most important thing.

Hopefully, in the next week or so, I will be able to share the pictures and changes with our readers. And get feedback from an outsiders perspective. Stay tuned for updates coming in the new future.