Ideas for the kitchen

Now we’ve sorted out the tree pruning, we’re looking at ways of how to best make use of the new found sunlight in the kitchen that comes as a direct result of that. I think our best bet currently is ensuring it’s painted in a light color. Perhaps cotton white or a type of cream.

And perhaps some wooden floorboards wouldn’t go amiss. Not sure what type, but I do like the patterning you find on oak floorboards. They have a homely feel to them which is exactly what we’re aiming for.

We have ordered some wood samples from the manufacturer and we will be comparing them up against one another in the coming days and deciding on the one that will compliment the room the most. And because we have hints of oak elsewhere in the kitchen, namely on the cupboard doors, we will want to ensure nothing clashes.

Lighting is currently great, we ordered some spotlights for the ceiling, along with some really modern cabinet under lighting that really highlights the shape of the room and makes it feel bigger than it is.